How tai chi can aid stress relief

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other external factors, the lives of NHS staff are becoming increasingly more stressful. For many NHS employees, their stress levels have risen and their physical and mental wellbeing has taken a back seat. If you would like to learn a new skill or hobby to relieve stress, tai chi may be the solution you are looking for. In this blog, we explore tai chi and the dangerous effects of stress in more detail.

The dangers of stress

Extreme stress can be damaging to both the body and the mind, and while working shouldn’t be stressful in itself, situations can arise that can cause our stress levels to increase throughout the day. Leaving stress and tension untreated can result in health problems such as headaches, muscle tension and chest pain.

The benefits of tai chi

Thanks to its progressive processes that teach you how to relax both your mind and your body, tai chi can make a difference when it comes to controlling your stress levels. The top benefits of tai chi include…

1. Full body and mind workout

Because stress and tension affect different parts of the body, if they are left untreated, it can weaken your immune system leaving you more susceptible to illness. Thankfully, a tai chi workout involves every part of the body. So, it doesn’t matter which part of you is suffering from tension and stress, tai chi works out the body and mind as a whole. There are not many exercise programmes that can claim such universal results.

2. Naturally releases endorphins

Tai chi helps regulate breathing and stretches the body gently to produce endorphins to help give your mind a natural high, all of which are a great aid to stress relief. For hard-working NHS staff, that is something that is often much needed.

3. Learn coping mechanisms

Tai chi, with its constant, slow-motion movement and control of body positions, coaches you to do several things at once. Nonetheless, it is done in a way that is unhurried, relaxing, and well-paced. This can be a useful skill for NHS employees to learn when they are faced with doing multiple tasks at once.

If you would like to learn more about tai chi, NHS staff can access discounted sports clothing and gym discounts here.

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