Feet first: Choosing the right footwear for nurses

As a nurse, choosing the right footwear is essential for maintaining comfort and safety on the job. Nurses often spend long hours on their feet, making the right shoe choice critical to avoiding fatigue, pain, and injury. Here are some tips for nurses to choose the right footwear:

  1. Prioritise comfort: The most important factor in choosing footwear for nurses should be comfort. Look for shoes with a cushioned insole, padded collar, and ample toe room to avoid rubbing, blisters, and other discomfort. Your feet will thank you daily, as well as in the longterm.
  2. Consider slip-resistance: Nurses often work in environments with spills and wet floors, so slip-resistant soles are a must. Look for shoes that have been tested for slip resistance and have a non-slip sole.
  3. Choose the right fit: It’s important to choose shoes that fit well. Avoid shoes that are too tight or too loose, as they can cause blisters, calluses, and other foot problems. Be sure to try shoes on and walk around in them before you buy. Nurses clock a lot of miles in their shoes, so it’s important that they fit correctly.
  4. Look for quality materials: Nurses need shoes that are durable, so look for shoes made of high-quality materials such as leather or synthetic materials that are easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Check for support: Nurses are on their feet all day, so it’s essential to choose shoes that offer adequate arch and heel support. Look for shoes with a built-in arch support or orthotic inserts to help reduce stress on the feet and legs.
  6. Consider style: While comfort, safety, and durability should be the primary concerns, it’s also important to choose shoes that are stylish and professional-looking. Some brands offer clogs, sneakers, and other styles that are both comfortable and appropriate for a professional setting. Or you could just wear Crocs
  7. Check for compliance: Some hospitals and clinics have specific policies regarding footwear, so be sure to check if your workplace has any regulations before you buy.+
  8.  Don’t forget when shopping for footwear online that you can get a discount from a wide range of footwear retailers when using your Blue Light Card. Alternatively,  you can browse the shoes and footwear category at NHS discounts to find all th reatilers that offer a discount to healthcare workers.

Choosing the right footwear is essential for nurses who spend long hours on their feet. By prioritising comfort, slip-resistance, fit, quality materials, support, style, and compliance, nurses can ensure that they have the right shoes to keep them comfortable and safe while they work. Not only will this make for a better working day but it could also help to save lives.

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