Concerts for Carers launches to give NHS workers and carers access to free live events

It has certainly been a challenging 18 months for the hospital and care sector workers who have been on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19, but now O2 has announced the launch of its new free ticket offer named Concerts for Carers.

What is Concerts for Carers?

The Concerts for Carers mission is to promote positive wellbeing and mental health for frontline workers who have been under almost constant pressure when dealing with the fallout from the worldwide pandemic.

The scheme has been set up to reward the hard work and dedication of NHS staff and caregivers and will give them access to live events for free. A recent study has shown that during the pandemic, the number of people fundraising and donating to care work and NHS related charities stood at an impressive 15 per cent of the population, demonstrating the high regard for caregivers in the public consciousness.

What venues are part of the scheme?

With many venues now reopening to as near a normal capacity as is safe, O2 wants to make sure that paid carers and NHS staff have unfettered access to live music events.

Currently, all of O2’s sponsored concert venues are already part of the scheme, including the O2 arena (formerly the Millennium Dome) as well as their O2 Academy sites. However, it is not just the O2 arenas that have signed up to Concerts for Carers. Some of the largest live music venues in the country have already signed up, and the network of venues is growing all the time, so there is bound to be a venue near you that is part of the scheme.

Dedicated concerts for NHS staff

As well as the free ticket initiative, the charity also plans to host a number of concerts at London’s O2 arena dedicated to just NHS employees. Some concerts have already taken place, with the group Gorillaz and former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher putting on shows in August.

How does it work?

Getting your free event tickets is as easy as signing up to the Concerts for Carers website: Once you have signed up, you can select an event and you will be entered into a ballot with the lucky winners notified in due course.

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