How jogging and running can improve your mental health

Mental health is an important part of your life and physical health. More people already know the physical health benefits of running, but did you also know that running can help your mental health? Running can improve your mood, make you more energetic, relieve stress, and combat boredom while also improving your mental state. If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle then jogging could offer some relief and help improve your mental health.

Benefits of running to mental health

1. Jogging and running can help diminish the symptoms of depression

Here in the UK, studies ( have been conducted to determine how jogging and running help solve depression. It has been found that the exercise releases endorphins into the bloodstream that are natural pain killers. When depressed person starts jogging and running, they may feel better after a short time because of this release of endorphins, which could help to fight off low moods.

2. It is an effective form of stress relief for many people

Most people who jog report that they have experienced stress relief after their exercise session was over. When one is feeling stressed, as most people are daily, exercising can provide effective stress relief. Running is also a way to de-stress that many people take, especially after a long day at work.

3. It helps improve one’s mood and energy level

This is related to the previous two benefits. When you run more, you tend to feel more energetic and less depressed after exercise.

4. Exercise helps improve self-esteem

It’s no secret that participating in physical activity regularly improves one’s overall health and vitality. While exercise does help to build up muscle mass, which can help improve one’s appearance, it also leads to more endorphins being released.

As you plan your morning run and jogging, you will need to consult a healthcare professional and get advice on how to get started. For more information about health, head to NHS discounts today to learn more about our NHS discounts, staff discounts and voucher codes.

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