Clap for Carers returns with a New Name

Clap for Carers is returning this week under the new and improved name of ‘Clap for Heroes’.  The idea is to pay tribute to the everyday people who have been playing their part in the war against Covid-19.

During the lockdown of 2020, Clap for Carers became a welcomed coping mechanism for the millions of people who sacrificed most of their personal freedom to save lives by staying home for several months. Every Thursday at 8pm (after Eastenders) people took to their doorsteps, balconies and even their driveways to show their appreciation for the NHS staff and other key workers and heroes such as delivery drivers and refuse collectors.

As lockdown measures eased towards the end of May 2020, so did the clapping. However, it will be making a triumphant return his Thursday (7th January) at 8pm GMT.

What is Clap for Heroes?

Starting at 8pm on Thursday, 7th January, 2021, people will be actively encouraged to stand on their doorsteps to clap and cheer for the heroes that are holding everything together. It is likely that this tradition will continue for the coming weeks in order to help get people through some of the toughest lockdown measure to date. However, there are rumours that it will simply be a ‘one-off’ event.

The idea of Clap for Heroes is to lift the spirits of the nation during these unprecedented times. Whether you are a carer, teacher, homeschooling parent, someone who is shielding from the pandemic or anyone else for that matter you can feel part of something bigger if you stand out of the front of your house and clap.


The History of Clap for Heroes

Clap for Heroes quickly became a weekly tradition and something to look forward to for the millions of people in isolation during the first lockdown in March last year. It also made a one-off return on the 5th July, 2020 as a way of acknowledging 72 years of the NHS. However it’s not just something for us regular folk. Members of the royal family, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and even A-list celebrities such Gail Porter clapped on their doorsteps to show support.

Even the Royal Family took the time to clap for heroes last year… did you?


Gail Porter said she will definitely be partaking this year after her successful clapping in 2020

Unfortunately after 10 weeks of weekly clapping, the event became politicised and it was decided that it would be best to bring it to an end. Clap for Heroes founder Annemarie Plas expressed concerns that the clap was becoming negative, and that it was best to stop.

Fortunately for the nation, Ms Plas has recently decided to bring it back because it saved so many lives last year. It is unclear as to whether the clapping this Thursday will be a one-off event, or a ‘new normal’ for us Brits.

According to the official Clap for Carers website ( there is to be a National Clap For Our Carers Day on the last Thursday of every March. So add Thursday, 25th March, 2021 to your social calendar if you want to get in on the action.

NHS staff taking time away in order to clap for other people working on the frontline
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