How house plants could help your mental health

It’s a well-known fact that getting outdoors has a positive effect on your mental health, but so too does bringing the outdoors in. Having greenery around homes and offices doesn’t just brighten the place up, but has been shown to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and lift people’s moods. So, could more house plants improve your mental health?

Stress-busting greenery

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden to escape to or a park around the corner. Many of us can feel our mental health suffers when we’re stuck indoors, and that’s where the average person spends 90% of their time.

One study from Japan found that just gazing at an indoor plant could lower feelings of stress, which is why it’s a good idea to have plenty of house plants around.

If you’re feeling anxious, depressed or stressed out by life, then being surrounded by greenery can have a really beneficial effect. Plants have also been found to improve memory and concentration, as well as boost productivity and even make you more creative.

The added benefits of house plants

The relationship between wellbeing and environment has been largely overlooked until recently, but now various studies have found that improving the space around you really can impact how you feel. The simple act of buying and potting up a few house plants could do wonders for your mental health, and there are physical advantages too.

A study of surgery patients carried out in 2009 revealed their recovery times were shortened when they had flowers and plants around them, linked to the fact they also reported reduced fatigue, less pain and a more positive outlook. There’s also the advantage of plants improving air quality, making your home a healthier place all around.

Get growing

It’s one incredibly simple way to improve your mental health, so consider adding a few more house plants to your home if you want to set yourself on the right track to mental wellbeing.

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