Top tips for mental wellbeing

NHS workers and care teams often struggle with mental wellbeing due to their high-stress work environments. Better health: Every mind matters is an NHS website chock full of helpful tips for improving wellbeing and mental resilience.

Top tips on mental wellbeing

Just some of the top tips for mental wellbeing promoted on the site include:

1. Helpful advice on encouraging good sleep, alongside a short video promoting healthy sleep patterns.

2. Tips on promoting social connections and building quality time with friends and family outside the workplace.

3. Advice on building a healthy lifestyle, whether by enjoying the outdoors or by quitting bad habits, such as smoking or drinking.

4. A short video lesson in mindful breathing, helping you become more grounded in the present and promoting mindfulness and meditation for mental wellbeing.

Unhelpful thoughts can often lead to negative behaviour patterns, and learning to reframe unhelpful thoughts into a more positive channel is another top way to improve mental wellbeing. It’s easy to get stuck into a cycle of negative thoughts, but learning to recognise this type of thinking and challenging these thoughts is one way to promote wellbeing. It takes time to adopt this way of thinking, but it can be extremely rewarding.

Challenges that can impact on the mental wellbeing of NHS workers

In recent months, COVID-19 has topped the list of major challenges impacting NHS workers across all sectors. Some more of the issues that can have a big impact on mental wellbeing include:

– Housing and debt
– Relationships and personal issues
– Major life changes
– Issues with poor physical health

Learning to deal with all the issues life throws at you means taking time out for yourself and promoting your own mental health and resilience. It’s never easy to go it alone, so taking time to browse this useful NHS website and embracing some of the tips for mental wellbeing can make all the difference.

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