How to lower your broadband bills

Not many people have heard of “social tariffs” in the UK. Which is surprising considering that up to 6 million households are eligible to receive a significant reduction in their monthly broadband price.

A social tariff is a new system that has been adopted by a few broadband providers – such as BT and Hyperoptic – that reduces the monthly cost of broadband for those on state benefits. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit or a state pension, then you can recieve up to 50% off your monthly internet broadband cost. And what’s more, you’ll be using the same system as before. That means the same speeds, the same service, the same network… the only difference is the reduced price.

To see if you are eligible for Social Tariff system, check this website here.

Social Tariff – quick facts

About 4.2 million households are eligible for cheaper ‘social tariffs’. Yet just 55,000 have so far signed up for these low-cost deals, according to watchdog Ofcom.

This is despite 1.1 million households in the UK struggling to afford their broadband bills, the regulator’s research shows.

Last month, Ofcom warned telecom giants they must do more to raise awareness of the cheaper deals. It said they should promote discount deals and get in touch with customers through a range of different communication channels, to increase the chance of reaching those in need.

NHS nurses are eligible too if you are on benefits or in receipt of certain government pensions. Universal Credit broadband is expected to grow and grow, so make sure you beat the rush and switch over today, before there are delays.

Here’s an example of the reduced-price available if you sign up or switch to BT – existing customers can also switch over to the Social Tariff system.

Is this different to the NHS or keyworker discount system? Yes, it is. But there is no reason why you cannot use both.


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