How to eat healthier when you’re busy at work

As anyone who works for the NHS can testify, long and busy shifts can often mean that finding time to eat healthily either during work time or after a busy day can sometimes prove challenging.

With a hectic schedule often comes the temptation to grab food on the go, often resulting in making unhealthy choices that won’t provide you with the nutrition your mind and body needs to function effectively. Plus, reaching for the takeaway menu after a long shift or scuttling to the nearest fast food shop on a quick break from work could end up costing you a small fortune in the long run.

With this in mind, here are some tips to make it easier for you to eat healthily during and after work while saving money at the same time.

Cook in bulk

When you do get time to cook from scratch, always make more than you need, so you’ve got plenty of extras that you can freeze and quickly reheat when you come home from work late, tired and hungry.

Cook slow

Invest in a slow cooker and keep your eyes open for any discount codes so you can choose a decent brand. By throwing a few ingredients into a pot and letting them cook on slow while you’re hard at work, you’ve got a tasty and nutritious meal waiting for you when you get home.

Prep in advance

Taking a packed lunch into work not only puts you in control of what you’re eating, allowing you to make healthier choices, but you’ll also save money. If you struggle to find time to prep a packed lunch in the morning before rushing out to work, get into the habit of putting it together the night before.

Plan when you shop

Being organised with your grocery shopping can help you to plan your meals for the week ahead, so think about what ingredients you need for different meals and make a list. Don’t just turn up at the supermarket after a long and tiring day at work with no list, as you could end up filling your trolley with junk food.

Healthier choices

Inevitably, there’s bound to be times when you don’t have time to prepare your meals in advance, so when you do need to buy snacks or take-outs, try to look for healthier options. Even better, some food retailers may offer NHS discounts and voucher codes, saving you money!

If you’re looking to save money and live a healthier lifestyle, check out our discount codes and vouchers for NHS workers today.

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