Take a break with a mug of tea for the NHS and pause for mental wellbeing

The National Health Service celebrates its 73rd birthday in July and we’re all being encouraged to pause for a moment with a mug of tea to say thanks. You can even bag a discount for the event!

The NHS was launched on the 5th July 1948. After one of the most challenging spells in its history, the NHS Big Tea will mark the anniversary with Brits being asked to take a moment for a cuppa.

Lifting a mug to all healthcare workers, past and present, is seen as a fitting way to say thanks for their amazing efforts during the coronavirus crisis and for all the care provided in the long history of the health service. The Big Tea will also see a multitude of fundraising efforts to contribute to the work done by the NHS Charities Together initiative. Part of its work is to provide practical and emotional support to healthcare workers.

The mental health benefits of a brew

As the nation faces a mental health crisis as the effects of the pandemic and lockdowns take their toll, there are many reasons why taking a break for a mug of tea is beneficial.

It has been reported that we’ve been getting through an additional two cups of tea a day during the pandemic, and science suggests this is good for our mental health.

Tea contains natural substances that help us deal with anxiety and stress. A brew contains the amino acid, L-theanine, which has been found to trigger parts of the brain associated with relaxation. The caffeine in tea also helps us stay alert and raises our dopamine (the “feel-good hormone”) levels.

Sharing a relaxing cuppa with friends and family is a great way to unwind. It provides a simple and pleasurable way to distract ourselves from stress and worry.

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