How your colleagues can help support your Mental Health

With ongoing and increasing pressures on NHS staff and services, it is unsurprising that many NHS employees are feeling the strain on their Mental Health. There is no shame in this. With burn-out at an all-time high, it is more important than ever to prioritise your wellbeing. Your colleagues are a great resource of comfort and support at this time. Here are some ideas on who to speak to.

Confiding in someone you trust

Perhaps you have a particular colleague you trust or get on with. They are a great first person to connect with regarding your mental wellbeing. Speaking with this colleague gives you the chance to open up to somebody who understands your role and the pressures within it. It also means you have somebody looking out for you on your team, somebody who will step in when you need help or support.

Informing your manager

It can seem daunting to open up to management about something so personal, but it is a great idea to take that step. By informing your manager they can offer you support, and let you know of any additional services that may be available for staff. It is helpful if senior staff are mindful of how you are feeling, and they should accommodate you should you need time off to recuperate or to attend appointments.

Speaking to a Mental Health first aider

Many workplaces now have designated ‘Mental Health First Aiders’ who are trained to support those who are experiencing Mental Health conditions or low mood. Their training makes them the perfect person to listen to you, advise and support you, and become a point of contact. They will have knowledge of resources, provide a confidential ear for you to speak freely and without judgement, and ensure they check in on you regularly. If you are not sure who your Mental Health first aider is, just ask your manager.

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