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As things start looking even more as though they will soon be back to normal for us normal folk, please take some time and spare a thought for NHS staff. For them, the pandemic is far from over. As we reach the 2-year anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic, the impacts of Covid-19 are still being felt. NHS staff are exhausted and stressed, and many of them are now beginning to need our help due to suffering with mental health problems. Yet, the ones who do not take fully paid sick leave are turning up day in, day out to care for us. So isn’t it time we reminded them that we care for them too?
The best way you can show your continued support of our NHS this spring is to share a blue heart. Not only will this show the NHS staff the appreciation that they deserve, but it will also help those who have developed mental health issues to overcome them, so they can get back to working day in, day out. A recent report highlighted the following:
• 66% of NHS staff have admitted that they need psychological support
• 54% are saying that abuse has increased in the past 12 months
• 67% feel as though the public have forgotten about them
These statistics are sad and alarming, but there is something that we can all do to help. Show your appreciation to the NHS and the work that they do by adding a blue heart emoji to your name on social media accounts. You can also change your profile picture on social media, or make and display a blue heart on the window of your home. And if that’s not enough, you can donate even more of your take-home pay to the NHS and their associated charities that help to fund vital projects that support staff. For more information on how you can help, visit the NHS Charities Together website, where you’ll also find a digital heart pack as well as a blue heart to print and display in your home.
And don’t forget that simply by shopping with us you’re doing your bit to help the NHS. We donate a percentage of our profits to the NHS so you can care from them while having the things you love delivered to your door for less.

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