France’s Heart-Warming Vaccination Campaign Video

The French Health Ministry has launched an inspiring advertising campaign, urging people to get vaccinated. The video has already touched the hearts of many across the globe as well as just in France.

To encourage French people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the French government has launched a new advertising campaign. The video urges people to get vaccinated, which will then allow them to return to the lives they had before the pandemic struck.

The video was initially shared on Twitter by Olivier Veran, who is the Minister of Solidarity and Health in France. It aims to get the message across to everyone to get vaccinated against the deadly virus. And without any fear or hesitation.

The video also shows the after-effects of being vaccinated – the freedom that you will experience once everyone has been jabbed.

At the beginning of the video, people happily get themselves vaccinated. You can see their joy after they receive it. They then return straight to their normal lives. They visit their favourite public places such as offices, colleges, le pharmacie and football stadiums. Don’t forget that while we’re waiting to return to the new normal you can shop online and save money with an NHS Discount.

The clip has already had millions of views. Many have shown appreciation of the effort that the French Health Ministry has gone to in order to get the message across. Despite being in French, the video has touched the hearts of people all over the world, and features the caption roughly translated as “With each vaccination, life begins agains”. A truly uplifting video that will hopefully inspire those who haven’t had the vaccine to do so.

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